Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Does Atlas build its buildings on site or are they delivered already completed?  

A:  Atlas is certified by the State of Florida to build our buildings at our shop under strict controls.  We deliver your building complete and ready to set-up, level and tie down.   

Q:  Will I need to do any site preparation before you deliver my building?  

A:  If your land is fairly level no preparation is needed.  We will use concrete blocks to   

      level your building.  If your land is sloping there may be an additional charge for   

      extra blocks and labor.  

Q:  What colors are available?  

A:  Atlas has several colors and trim combinations to choose from.  We will be happy to   

      show you our samples.    

      For siding, we have Polar White, Colonial White, Light Gray, Tan, Hickory Moss.  

      You can use these for trim colors also.  

      For trim ONLY, we have Dark Gray, Black, Brown, Green, Burgundy, and Light     

​      Blue.

Q:  What size doors are available?  

A:  Atlas has several door sizes to choose from.  4', 5' and 6' double walk-through doors   

      as well as 6x6 and 8x7 roll up garage doors.  Let us know what you plan to   

      store in your building and we will be happy to make a recommendation.   

Q:  Do you charge for delivery?  

A:  Delivery and set up are included with the purchase of an Atlas building.  A small  

      charge my be added for delivery outside of Bay County.

Q:  Is the floor strong enough to hold my riding lawn mower, four-wheeler, golf cart,  

      motorcycle, etc.? 

A:  Yes, Atlas' standard floor is more than adequate for most of your storage needs.    

Q:  Is the flooring material treated?  

A:  All Atlas buildings are built with 4" x 6" pressure treated skids and 2" x 6"  

      pressure treated joists at 16" on center and  3/4" tongue and groove plywood