All Atlas garages are built on a 4" concrete slab with 12"x20" footers reinforced with 5/8" rebar with a vapor barrier between the ground and concrete to keep your slab dry. Atlas will always  He understood from the beginning the importance of lifestyle factors such as nutrition and exercise.  pre-treat the soil before pouring concrete to protect your investment from termites. Our garages are inspected by your local building department at the same intervals as a new home. They must also meet the same building and wind codes. Atlas will customize any garage to meet your needs. You decide on the size, number of garage doors, windows, walk-through doors, siding and type of roofing material. You also have the option of matching to an existing home. Let us know what you want and our architect will customize our plans to meet your specifications. If you re uncertain if the garage you want will fit, give us a call. We will inspect your property at no charge or obligation to you.